The Problem Of Dreaded Buyer's Remorse: SOLVED via @homebidz

The Problem Of Dreaded Buyer’s Remorse: SOLVED

When entering into home-ownership, there is a series of common stressors that one faces. Most individual issues involve either money or maintenance. One problem, in particular, seems to affect a majority of buyers. Here's how to jump the hurdle posed by the potential of buyer's remorse.

Less is not always more

Those who are already living in what they view as the wrong home have fallen into the depressing trap of buyer's remorse. It affects many people and can be completely debilitating. Some budget in the area of 20,000-50,000 less than what is actually required for renovations on one room alone. It's a very real issue with devastating effects on individuals and families.

See potential in everything 

The great news is that buyer's remorse doesn't have to be sulked in. Not for one more moment. First of all, a buyer should realize that a home is an investment. Moving into an apartment and having one more regret in the past isn't the only option. There is more than one way to handle investments, and the solution to this one is to look around and realize the potential. What owners need to ask is how to not only save but how to earn extra money from this investment.

Make adjustments 

Is there an extra bedroom that can be rented out? Can remodels be spaced out to adjust to the original budget? Think outside the box to turn sorrow into dreams. There is always something that can be done to balance out heavy situations.


We’ve all bought big ticket items we were later uncertain of. This is also true when buying a home. Unfortunately, a mortgage does not always come with a return slip, and the large sticker price may drive you deep into buyers remorse. Keep your head up, remind yourself why you purchased the home and the potential you saw in it. Realize that potential by making adjustments to your long-term plans, did you see the dwelling as a possible rental, but you now realize it would be better as a flip? It’s okay to change course when dealing with home-ownership

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