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The Best Way to Properly Stage a Home for Selling

Your home is your retreat from the outside world. Your décor is personal and meaningful to you and your family. That doesn't mean, however, that potential buyers of your home are going to feel the same way. It is important to make sure that the design and flow is neutral in order to appeal to a larger market. Most people don't consider spending a great deal of money before selling their homes. However, in order to get the maximum price for your home, you need to take both the time and money to make the home as perfect as possible.

Curb Appeal

The first thing a seller should always look at is curb appeal. Take the time to clean up the yard by mowing and trimming the grass, cleaning up any debris around the house, and fixing gutters and outside trim. If the exterior of the house needs painting or touched up, make it happen. Be sure that the house is a color that most people would appreciate - preferably something neutral. Consider making any changes necessary to make the outside of your home inviting.

Less is More

Another concept to remember when staging a home is “less is more.” If you have three mismatched pieces of furniture in the main living space, you need to simplify the decor. Follow this same pattern in each room of your home as you're making adjustments. It will be much easier for potential buyers to visualize their own furniture and style in place in the home if things are simple.

Use neutral colors, keep things clean, and try to create an enticing feeling in every area of the house you're staging. Each adjustment you make in favor of the general buyer increases your market size, hence increasing the chance to sell your property for the price you want.

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