Do You Want to Move Into Your New Home the Right Way? via @homebidz

Do You Want to Move Into Your New Home the Right Way?

Moving into a new home can be super stressful. Not only do you still have to work and care for the kids and accomplish the daily duties, but you have got to double your workload with unpacking, cleaning, and decorating. Make sure you take the extra steps to ease the burden. It is always well worth it. Don't know what the extra steps are? Here: 

Planning Makes Everything Better

If you're not the kind of person who doesn't like to plan (like me), who likes to fly by the seat of your pants, then I have some advice for you: Even if you never plan anything again in your life, writing out the steps for this move is going to be well worth your time -- and, when I say plan, I don't just mean a set date to move. Plan what you need to throw away, what you will be donating, what you can pack first VS what you use everyday (that should be left out until the very end), if you will be hiring someone to move your belongings, if and when you are going to rent a carpet shampooer, how long you will have it, etc. All of this information is pertinent. 

Once you have an outline completely written out, get a new calendar specifically for the relocation, and fill everything in as a checklist to be completed. This is the best way to make sure that you get everything done on time, and aren't scrambling at the very end. If you don't complete everything you had planned for a certain day, simply add it to another day in the future -- a day that isn't already full. Even if it's a pain to write it all out, the lack of stress later will make this well worth the extra effort.

Learn How to Pack Right

When is comes time to start packing, do not just throw everything into random boxes and bags; stay organized. Just like writing out your plan, the small amount of extra effort it takes to pack properly always pays off in the long run.

3 Keys to a Successful Packing Project

  • Label boxes and bags by which room they'll be going into.
  • Color-code packing materials if you can
  • Wrap fragile items in blankets and towels to save on bubble wrap

When unpacking the moving van or truck, do not leave bathroom items in the garage and vice versa; doing this will only create more work for you later. Try to leave all boxes in the new home close to where the items in them are going to end up. You'll save yourself time that could otherwise be spent on a game of hide and seek. Do a little extra work in the beginning to save countless hours later.


Plan well, pack right, and walk your happy butt into a new home without feeling like pulling out your hair. This time is meant to be exciting, and by following these steps, you make sure it will be. Enjoy the move!

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