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This is How to Move Without Injuring Yourself

If you are about to move into your new home or office or you just want to rearrange your living room, there are a lot of moving tips to take into consideration. Before you move furniture and lift other heavy appliances, you must know the basics of proper lifting in order to avoid any back injury. Lifting heavy objects the wrong way may cause severe back pain. Hence, you should not try to lift more than what you are capable of carrying.

Tips for Moving Huge and Heavy Furniture

Before you proceed with lifting objects that you need to relocate, you must check out some tips on moving huge and heavy furniture first. Following the proper way of moving heavy furniture can also lower the risk of having back injury. Remove objects inside the drawers and cabinets. It is also best to take off the drawer itself. Cushions in your chairs and sofas should also be taken off.

Wrap delicate objects like TVs, computers and big mirrors. If furniture can be taken a part, better to have it disassembled. Take time to measure each of the furniture to make sure you can pass through the doorways and hallways while carrying it. You can also make use of cardboards and towels by placing it under the legs of the furniture. This way, you can push with ease using the strength of your arms and legs while doing it.

Lifting Techniques for Moderately Heavy Objects

You can probably employ some lifting techniques to protect yourself as well as the objects that you are about to lift. First, make a plan before lifting. Check all the objects that you are going to move. Assess if you can carry it by yourself or you need assistance from another person. Never overestimate your capability to carry heavy objects as it may result in injury.

Determine where you are going to relocate each of them. This way, you can clear the path and this way unnecessary and awkward movements will be prevented. Next, make your stomach tighter and face the object with your shoulder and feet apart. Tightening your stomach muscles will enable your back to be in the proper lifting position. This in turn prevents additional force in your spine. Then, squat with your back straight, knees and hips bent and hug the object closer to you. By this, you can have stability and a good support for lifting. When you are about to lift, use the muscles in your legs instead of your back muscles which are a lot weaker. Slowly stand up, look straight ahead and walk in steady pace. Avoid twisting your back while moving. If it cannot be avoided, turn your whole body and feet instead of back twisting. And in putting the object down, do it the same way when you lifted it.

By following the above tips and techniques, you are assured that you will not suffer from any back pains or injuries when you lift or move furniture. It is also best to move slowly as this can also lessen the risk of getting any injury when you move furniture upon your relocation.

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