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4 Smart Tips To Start Saving For A Home Down Payment

Crafting the right plan for your home down payment can make buying much simpler. With the real estate market still recovering from past transgressions and controversy, those interested in purchasing a home want to ensure they are in their budget range and they don’t get in over their head. Once in deep water—it’s hard to find a life-saver! The more a family can save for that down payment, the better off they’re going to be.

Now, buying your first home should be an extremely exciting experience, not a daunting one, and certainly not one in which a family becomes stressed and intimidated. It is recommended that any individual or family committed to purchasing a home should do initial research and learn the in’s and out’s before pursuing this, so they’ll be well prepared. It can make you feel more competent and ready to negotiate on price and find something within your budget.

Creative Home Down Payment Strategies

The following practical tips will help you immensely when it comes down to making the most appropriate and sensible home buying decisions. You won’t feel strangled by costs or cornered by a real-estate agent just interested in making a sell for their commission bonus. You can get past the hurdles and achieve your home purchase goal, but go slow and stay focused! You have to be careful because some of these guys can be parasitic! Review the advice and if you have any questions we’ll appreciate hearing back—happy house hunting!

Tip 1: Why not check into programs by your state or local organizations?

It doesn’t make you untrustworthy or lessen your buying ability to check into state or local home buying organizations that might provide some discount or easier way of purchasing your first home. There might be a “first-time homebuyers” program that will lessen your down payment or offer some other kind of incentive. USDA and FHA offer low down payment loans. Some lenders work with organizations that provide virtual transactions for down payment assistance. Your lender can tell you more about this. If you don't qualify for assistance, move forward to doing it on your own.

Tip 2: Cut out the small stuff—Can you?

It takes time to save for a house, especially when the traditional down payment is 20% of the home’s purchase, not to mention the closing costs that are part of the deal. If you can cut out those expensive Starbuck runs, quit smoking, or stop buying new shoes, you could be amazed at how small changes add up in just a couple of years! Don’t you think it’s worth it?

Tip 3: If you’re married, set aside one paycheck a week—it works!

You might not be accustomed to going on just one paycheck, but it will help you save money a lot faster for that home down payment. It won’t hurt you to cut back on those lavish pleasures you don’t really need, and think of what this will afford you much sooner than you anticipated. While this won’t work for everyone, it might work for those who have enough income. Consider the idea.

Tip 4: Have you considered turning your hobby into cash?

If you have a hobby that could bring in some extra cash it is time to cash in. Whether you’re a freelance artist or a part-time carpenter, you can definitely make some progress towards your deposit when you use your creative skills to your advantage! All of these tips and many others can make a definite difference in how you plan on funding your future home down payment. There isn’t any one right way, so what will work for you, and enjoy becoming that 1st time home owner.

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