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This is What You Need to Find Out Before Buying a New Home

The closing of any home buying process is going to involve a lot of paperwork. Because of how much detail goes into completing home buying, you want to make sure that you are completely "sold" on a home first. This means that you will need to be sure to ask all the important questions ahead of time.

1. Have the Pipes Ever Busted?

This is crucial in any home search that you perform. If the pipes have busted before you should know why it happened and what was done about it. If the pipes were replaced, ask about the materials used and who replaced them; the sellers or a professional? Take a look at the pipes yourself, and have your inspector do the same. Just know that a history of broken pipes with no remedy is a recipe for expensive disaster. 

2. Has There been any Paranormal Activity on the Property?

This may sound like a crazy thing to look into but it is important that you ask about it. Some homes come at a good deal because of wide spread rumors of some form of paranormal activity. Whether you believe in it or not, you may find that you get a great deal on a fantastic home, or you could end up like the characters in your favorite horror movie... 

3. Have any Crimes Been Committed in the Home?

Some sellers may be worried about telling you this information so you can actually ask your real estate agent about this. They should be able to pull up the history of the house and if any type of crime was committed there. You want to know that your new home isn't a hot spot for police or criminals. This can bring with it a unique set of stressors after move-in.

4. Has the Sewer Ever Backed-Up?

If it has, make sure that the seller has had it fixed by a professional. You will also need to know when exactly it was done. Most will have it cleared about every other year, but you can decide for yourself what will work best for you -- with the advice of your maintenance provider, of course.

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